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3 Tips to avoid bad dreams

Nightmares are actually stressful dreams, which can disrupt your sleep pattern. In easier words, nightmares are the result of the unconscious minds releasing fears and tension while resting. And because they can disturbing and distressing in one way or another, it can lead to sleeplessness. However, you can try a few things which usually work fortunately. The first steps we should take when seeking cure for nightmares is to look at what causes them. Here are a few simple things to exercise in order to prevent the deadly nightmares:

1. Sleep comfortably and rest easier:

Uncomfortable beds or sleeping positions can sometimes be a leading factor. Therefore, the mattress supplier and sleep experts suggest the bed and mattresses to be in a good condition. The more comfortable your bedroom and surroundings are, the more likely you are to enjoy the nightmare free sleep. Also, if you are prone to nightmare do not sleep on your back, as this position has been known to encourage nightmares.

2. Practicing good sleep hygiene:

The sleep experts say that it is not entirely possible to prevent bad dreams, but setting the stage for good sleep can help one sleep better rested. Good sleep hygiene involves ensuring both habits and sleep environment are ideal for quality rest. Your sleep space can have some bearing on your resting state. Ideally, bedrooms should be cool, dark and quiet. You can turn off the light sources such as TVs and consider light blocking shades if you live in an urban area. However, as habits are concerned, keeping a regular bedtime is an essential part of supporting the internal clock. Daily moderate exercise, sunlight exposure and evening relaxation routine can be of help. Keeping bedtime snacks light and avoiding spicy foods or those that cause indigestion is also recommended.

3. Don’t watch scary things right before bed:

Many people watch scary movies right before going to bed resulting in a lot of individuals experiencing nightmares. This behaviour causes a number of individuals to experience nightmares during the sleep. The brain tends to exaggerate a lot of what a person sees and it can continue even after an individual is asleep. For people who have to watch a horror movie or read something scary right before sleeping, imagine a serene and calm environment before closing your eyes.

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