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Rs. 2,999.00

Gel Memory Foam Pillow - GRACIA

Springwel's memory foam pillow is a comfortable orthopedic pillow which helps in posture correction and spine alignment. This orthopedic pillow comes with a washable cover in regular size and can be used on either sides

Rs. 3,250.00

Pillows are often understated, missed or overlooked as a not-so-important accessory for the bedroom - with more attention ...

dedicated to the mattress, bed base, duvet covers, and even headboard. But many people don’t know that your choice of pillows is absolutely instrumental in providing what you need to get a regular good night’s sleep. Hence, it is safe to stay that just like your mattress, your comfort pillow is important for your overall health, well-being, and high quality of life.

Different types of pillows

Sleeping on a poor bed pillow for a significant period of time can naturally have a cumulative effect, with ongoing problems getting worse and new ones arising. Springwel understands this and offers a range of pillows online. Have a look!

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  • Fibre Pillow
  • Latex Pillow
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  • Memory Foam Pillow
  • Understanding the importance of comfortable pillows

    Comfort pillows play a pivotal role in providing support to the upper body keeping the spine in an alignment which is neutral. The effects of an unsuitable pillow range from general tiredness through lack of sleep, through to medical complaints such as the neck, shoulder, and upper back pains. Though they can be differentiated on the basis of the size, curves, fillings, and sleep position, quality is a crucial factor to be considered and kept in mind. Choose a pillow which maintains stability in all your sleeping positions and minimizes the effort of your spine while sleeping.

    Personal Preference for Comfort

    Personal preference is a major part of any pillow choice. If the pillow feels comfortable, it is easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.

    Pillowcase Texture: The pillow’s surface can be a source of comfort. A cool, smooth-feeling pillowcase is perfect for some, while warm surfaces may be a better pick for others.

    Cool Vs Warm: The pillows come in different degrees of cool and warm. The contoured pillows, which have higher sides for neck and a lower area of the head were the coolest. The memory foam came next and feather pillows as the warmest.

    Get a good night’s sleep with Springwel

    According to experts, the pillow should adjust to fit one's unique shape, curves, and sleeping position and alleviate any pressure points. Using the best pillow for both comfort and support can make a major difference in alleviating pain as well as getting a good night’s sleep. Every detail, big or small, is carefully considered by our team of experts when recommending a product. We make sure that the product matches the client’s desire and requirement in accordance with what they requested. Pillows are becoming increasingly varied so whether you are looking for fibre pillow, Tempur pillow, latex pillow, or microfibre pillows, we have it all for you!!Get yours from us now!