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A mattress without a good bed base is like a fish without water. A good bed base is extremely important as it guarantees the right level of support and ventilation. According to mattress experts in India, ...

it can be thought of as a sleep system. The sleep system is what makes sleep ineffective. The two combined to create harmony; a symphony of sleep. Experts recommended buying them together. There are many types of branded bed bases in the market, each one with specific features. The appropriate bed base not only increases the longevity of the mattress but also gives great support by applying the right amount of counter-pressure just where you need it.

Different bed bases

Renowned for selling branded bed bases, we make sure that our beds are made with hardwood for better strength and longer life for years to come. There are many types of bed bases, each one with specific features. Below, you will find an overview of the five most common bed bases:

  • Tempur bed base
  • Spring bed base
  • Roll-away bed
  • Bed base with headboard
  • We provide the industry’s most stable bed set-up. Our beds surround our mattress and provide the framework for a good night’s sleep. Excellent bed construction relies on bolts, a bed slat truss system, plywood bed slats affixed on edge, and center support for the mattress and box spring and we keep all this in mind.

    Why do you need Springwel bed base?

    Many people go with a minimal style of living and let the mattress lay on the floor - that’s what they want. However, here’s why you should invest in the best beds in India from us.

    Support: The first and foremost reason is the support you need to boost sleep quality. Our bed bases provide optimal benefit on its firmness, quality, and stability enough to prevent the mattress from sliding. A mattress, in itself, cannot support your body’s sleeping alignment so our frames can improve proper body support.

    Serves as storage space: Springwel bed and bases can act as storage housing for bedroom necessities. You can place the boxes of important materials such as books, sewing kits, documents, and more.

    Better airflow: In our wide collection of bed base for sale, slats or spring bed can generate good aeration. Placing your mattress on the ground will only have you catch drafts and cold air.

    Away from insects and molds: The limited airflow builds the chances of dampness underneath your mattress on the floor - thus, forming mildew and growth of bacteria. However, Springwel bed bases are resistant to termites, insects, and molds.

    Enhance the appearance of the bedroom: Our bed bases can add aesthetic value to your room. Our sleek, chic, or rustic design can enhance your room’s personality and bring its identity to life.

    So what are you waiting for? Buy bed online from Springwel at affordable rates!